float club membership

Join our float club for just $99 of annual fee to enjoy the best price and deals exclusively to members. Read more about the benefits of a float club member below.

benefits of membership

Member Price. Anytime!

No like other float centers you have to fulfill your member float session every month. At Innerverse, you can have your float session any time at member price.

3 Float sessions.

Every 12 float sessions, you are eligible to have your 1st, 7th and 12th visit absolutely for free regardless of how long you float. Now you have another good reason to get started

Bring a Mate.
Member Price!

Sometimes you want to bring a friend, a colleague or the one you love to enjoy the float experience together. So why not just offer them with your member price. You all will be all happy.

Member Casual float
  • $49 – 60 min float
  • $75 – 90 Min float
  • $100 – 120 Min float
  • $145 – 180 min float
Member float & massage combo
  • $85 – 60 min float & 30 min massage
  • $125 – 60 Min float & 60 min massage
  • $110 – 90 Min float & 30 min massage
  • $150 – 90 Min float & 60 min massage

In case you have a question about the membership, contact us or chat with us via the messenger bot below.

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148 Clarendon St Southbank 3006 Victoria

03 9042 5172

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